Do Not Delay HVAC Repair When You Notice These

Signs You Need to Get Your AC Repaired

When you notice something strange about your AC, it is most likely a sign for an HVAC repair. Learn what are the possible signs of AC trouble so you can call a professional right away to get it fixed.

Your AC is leaking liquid

There are two different liquids your AC could possibly leak: water or refrigerant. Condensation on the outside of the AC unit is normal, but if you see stains that are brightly colored near the unit or you see water leaking from your unit, this indicates a bigger issue with the unit. Turn the unit off right away and call a professional. A refrigerant leak can possibly cause damage to the unit’s compressor. When that happens, that is very costly to you.

Your AC is smelly

When you smell either an electrical or musty smell from your unit, it could mean something is wrong. If it smells musty or mildewy, change the air filter. To prevent mold and mildew on the filter, it is best to have a professional regularly inspect and clean the unit. If it is an electrical odor, turn the unit off right away and call a professional.

Your AC sounds strange

The sound you should hear from your AC is the gentle and whirring sound of the fan. However, if you hear it making a squealing noise, that usually is a belt problem. If it is a grinding noise, it may indicate a motor problem. Regular maintenance can usually detect these issues before they happen. However, when you hear these strange sounds, call an AC professional because these are tricky issues to fix. If you try to fix these issues on your own, you risk damaging your unit.

When you notice any of the above items, do not delay calling the experts to avoid having to risk your unit breaking down. Call Mike Bergen Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration servicing in Chatham, IL for any HVAC repair concerns. Call us right away at (217) 720-2221.