Hire Us for Furnace Repairs and Fear Not the Cold Outside!

It is our main and great responsibility to perform top rated furnace repairs for each of our clients in Chatham, IL. Mike Bergen Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration’s experts make sure to respond quickly to every furnace issue that is being reported to us. The team performs services for homeowners and for business property clients. Save money with us by taking action with the timely repair of your heating system. Keeping yourself warm in the winter can be done with just a phone call. Book an early appointment with our technician at (217) 720-2221 and be prepared for the cold weather.

Our team has years long experience in furnace repairs, maintenance, and installation. Our clients reach us when the cold arrives and they realize that the heating is not on. Once we get the call our expert arrives and checks the entire heating system. First, we try to find out why the furnace is not functioning. We check the power and the connectivity for any problems. The experts pay extra attention when it comes to gas-powered furnaces. Second, we make certain that every component of the system is installed correctly and connected to the other components. We check for rust, cracks, and holes.

When Mike Bergen Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration’s furnace repair is performed we make sure to clean the burners and the filters. As part of the service, we check the system for dangerous static pressure and record the temperature. Before and after the repairs are done we make combustion analysis. Our technician makes sure the CO2 level is low and drops after the furnace shutdown. We monitor if the Oxygen levels stable at all times. Our professional technician will not leave our house until the heating system is functional and tested.

Trust our years of experience and be our next satisfied client in Chatham, IL. We will not only repair the system for you. Choose our team to perform regular maintenance and you will never fear the unpleasant climate change of the seasons. We are also available to install any and all kinds of heating or cooling system in your property. Call for furnace repair service and have our expert’s complete attention!

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