Most Common Furnace Problems and Their Cure

Furnace Repair 101

When the cold weather sets in, if your heating system is not protected properly, your furnace may suffer some serious issues. Below, you will see a few problems listed and their adequate solutions:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat. As you can imagine, a failure in the thermostat will lead to inefficient operation of the whole device and impaired comfort. This may cause problems to the fan.

  • Wear and tear. Worn parts will lead to poor airflow and heat-control malfunctions, and even overheating.

  • No heat at all. A professional furnace repair technician will inform you that if your system is not heating at all, it could be a faulty thermostat, gas, power, or pilot light.

  • Not enough heating. If you feel warmth in your rooms but it is not sufficient, you can blame probably the improper size of your furnace.

  • Dirty filters. Dirty or clogged air filters reduce the airflow and cause it to work harder to maintain the set temperature. Expect spikes in the utility bills.

What can you do to avoid the troubles described above?

  • Replace the air filters of your furnace. As you probably know, dirty filters are dangerous for your heating system. They can cause further mechanical failures and inefficient performance. So, you should replace them at least once a year and cleaned on a monthly basis.

  • Check the thermostat. As this part of your device is vulnerable and prone to damage, inspect it every now and then, especially if you don’t feel sufficient warmth in your rooms. Check the battery level and change it if it’s dead.

  • Reduce drafts. Repairing your windows and doors before the winter is a smart trick to protect your furnace and ensure its excellent operation. Also, you can put some dense and thick curtains.

  • Furnace installation. If you need to buy a new device, make sure you hire only a legitimate furnace repair technician. You should read its manual and follow instructions strictly.

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