Don’t Forget to Schedule a Furnace Repair Service

What to Do When Your Heater Acts Up

Your HVAC system is a rather complicated machine that is usually under constant pressure, which is why it needs special care and maintenance. If something goes wrong with it, you must take action without delay, so you won’t have to deal with furnace repair issues and other problems in the future.

Is your furnace acting up? Do these:

Check Proper Air Flow

It’s important to start by checking the furnace for proper airflow. You can do this by removing the air filter and checking if there is leftover dust on it. If you see any, your filter is dirty and you must clean it right away. Remove the screws on the filter and place it on a flat surface. Clean it with some warm water and a vacuum cleaner, then replace it and see if the problem is solved.

Check Air Pressure

If you notice that your furnace isn’t fully heating up, you should check the system pressure. This is done by turning on the mechanical thermostat and opening the furnace’s access panel. You can access the thermostat by removing the cover of the air inlet duct. Place the tip of the pressure gauge in the inlet duct and turn on the power switch. Lines that are connected to different pressure gauges will appear. Read the numbers on them, and if the reading on yours is lower than normal, call for furnace services.

Check the CO2 Level

It’s normal for the CO2 level in your heating system to change throughout the year. It’ll often drop by a few hundredths of a percent when the weather gets colder, and it’ll increase a few hundredths of a percent when the weather gets warmer. If the level suddenly starts to increase, call a professional to check your system. It could indicate a problem that needs attention before it gets worse.

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