Signs You Need Heating Repair Services

Look Out for These Signs to Find out if Your Heating System Needs Repair

Many homeowners don’t contact their HVAC professional until their heating system has fully failed. However, if you are a property owner, you don’t need to wait for your furnace to break down before calling in heating repair professionals! As an alternative, keep an eye out for any small warning signals that your heating system is about to fail. The following are a few of these indicators:

Yellow pilot light

If the flame on your pilot light has become yellow instead of blue, there may be too much carbon monoxide in your home. A healthy pilot light has a blue tint. Since too much carbon monoxide can harm your health and even cause death, this could be dangerous. Examine the pilot light in your furnace, and if it has turned yellow, call an HVAC professional.

Unusual sounds

Older heating systems tend to make odd noises when they’re operating. However, if your system is now making more noise than usual, it likely has a problem that needs to be fixed right once. For instance, excessive squealing could be a symptom of a motor bearing problem, while rattling sounds might be a sign of a blower assembly problem. Contact your heating specialist as soon as you notice any odd noises coming from your furnace and ask them to check over your HVAC system.

Excessive utility costs

Your heating system is only one of the many aspects that can drive up your utility costs dramatically. In light of this, you should get your furnace inspected by professionals if you’ve observed a significant increase in your energy costs. Problems with your heating system can make your furnace work harder than usual and use more fuel or electricity, so they need to be rectified immediately away or you’ll waste a lot of energy and money.

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